15 Great Uses of Concealer – Must-See Beauty Tips


15. Each Concealer Has a Specific Purpose

uses of concealer

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There are generally four types of concealer available and each one has a specific function. Given the many uses of concealer, it is best to use the right type. Here are the four types:

Fluid / Liquid Concealer – Perfect for use under the eyes and great for covering skin imperfections. It is one of the easiest to mix.

Stick Concealer – This is generally best for deep marks such as scars or for covering tattoos. It is hard to get better coverage than this.

Cream / Jarred Concealer – These concealers give you deep coverage that is great for dark circles or bumps on your skin.

Pencil Concealer – Opt for this type of concealer when you need to draw lines and plot out contours.

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