Liver Detox – 16 Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Liver


Liver Detox

Your liver acts as a cleaning filter for your blood. Both bacteria and toxins that make it through the digestive tract, skin and respiratory system are detoxed by the liver. When your liver is overworked due to stress or the buildup of toxins, your whole body will be thrown out of balance. The liver also produces bile, while is necessary form of detoxification. This form of detox breaks down and assimilates fats and proteins from the food that you eat. Without a healthy liver, your body can’t absorb nutrients from food properly, nor cleanse itself of toxins. Overeating, highly processed foods, stress, and pollutants all cause your liver to be overworked. Fortunately, there are many foods that assist a liver detox by naturally stimulating its ability to flush the body of waste.


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