Clean Nicotine and Tar from Your Lungs – 14 Treatments


clean nicotine and tar from your lungs

Cigarette smoking detrimentally impacts your vitamin A, C and E levels. As a smoker, your lungs do not only take damage from smoking directly but also through the vitamin deficiency which it causes. Yet there are many ways that you can supplement your body to help restore lacking vitamins. At the same time these foods  and their nutrients clean nicotine and tar from your lungs. Vitamin A is essential to the health and healthy function of your lungs. Sweet potatoes, carrots and dark leafy green cruciferous vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin A.

In order to ensure the highest rate of absorption, be sure to consume them in a meal with a high fat content. This is due to vitamin A being a fat-soluble nutrient. Smokers must also make sure that they supplement with vitamin B6. This essential B vitamin prevent the mutation of DNA and reduces damage within cells. It therefore lowers your risk of lung cancer significantly. Vitamin D is another essential component of healthy lungs. Low levels within the blood are connected to many respiratory infections including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Consume fatty fish regularly for the best source of vitamin D. This includes tuna, mackerel and one of the healthiest fish of all, salmon. Cheese and egg yolks also supply decent levels of vitamin D, as does orange juice, soy milk and most breakfast cereals. Vitamin E consumed in the wrong form can actually cause damage to your lungs. Be sure to get your vitamin E in, in alpha-tocopherol form. This is easiest found in olive oil and sunflower oil. Through ensuring that you have a healthy balance of vitamins you will help your body clean nicotine and tar from your lungs far more effectively.

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