The Top 20 Longest Living Dog Breeds


A study from a Japanese research team featured in Preventive Veterinary Medicine in June of 2015. One of the most extensive studies into the life expectancy of dogs was carried out by a team of four scientists. Their research resulted in a data table derived from the data of 299,555 dogs insured across Japan. It found that the average life expectancy of dogs is 13.7 years.

The weight of your dog makes a big difference to it’s longevity. Smaller breeds thus seem to live longer. In the under 11 pound category the average life expectancy is 13.8 years, in the 10 to 22 pound class it is 14.2 years and in the 23 to 44 pound division the average lifespan was 13.6 years.

The heavier breeds weighing between 45 and 88 pounds live 12.5 years on average, while dogs over 88 pounds have a life expectancy of 10.6 years. Neoplasia causes the most deaths, especially in giant breeds of dog. The second most common cause of death among canines is cardiovascular disorders. Here is a list of the top 20 longest living dog breeds based upon current research and breeding statistics.

Up first is the Rat Terrier

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