Bruce Lee – 20 Facts About the Fittest Man Ever


Bruce Lee was a legend of a man who lived one of the most talked about lives in history. His dedication and self motivation drove him to become the fittest man alive. His speed and form are unmatched by any other competitor.  Here are 20 facts to commemorate the world’s greatest martial artist, Bruce Lee.

1. Bruce was Super-Fast

Bruce Lee

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Everyone knows most of the seemingly superhuman feats pulled off by this enigma of a man. However did you know that Bruce Lee was fast enough to catch a grain of rice in mid-air with a pair of chopsticks? Have you ever tried to pick up a grain of rice with chop sticks? The skill in doing that alone is amazing! Or did you know that he was quick enough to snatch a dime from an outstretched hand, replacing it with a penny before a fist could be made? In an 11 second fight which took place in 1962, Bruce knocked his opponent out with fifteen punches and a kick.

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