Each High Earning Racing Driver Here Earns Over $1 Million


Each high earning racing driver on this list is at the top of their game. Every racer involved in the Formula One has begun racing at a young age, dedicating themselves to the art and sport of high speed racing. The riches which they amass are likely enjoyed by their families as these drivers spend their lives on the track. However with racing is a passion, it can hardly feel like work! Here is a list of the world’s eleven highest earning racing drivers and a look at how they got there.

1. Sebastian Vettel

High Earning Racing Driver,

Image Source: http://www.skysports.com

Sebastian Vettel is the highest earner in the Formula One for 2016. He takes home a salary of $50 million per year and is signed to a three year contract with Ferrari. During this period he will not see a salary increase but at earning $10 million a year more than veteran Fernando Alonso, he can’t be complaining.

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