Here Are 20 Perfect Examples of an Overhyped Athlete


Certain sportsmen have risen to celebrity status without their fame being warranted. Countless times an overhyped athlete has managed to claim the attention of the media through nothing more than a big mouth. Charisma over-weighs skill far too often, as is clear through the list below. Here are 20 perfect examples of an overhyped athlete. Each has not been able to deliver what early estimations of their career suggested. Many no longer participate in professional sport thus reflecting their lack-luster performance ability.

1. JaMarcus Russell

Overhyped Athlete

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JaMarcus Russell was once the number one overall pick due to his massive arm strength. Despite his raw talent and true skill in football, he could not keep up a good work ethic. He let millions of dollars go to waste through simply not meeting his obligations. This overhyped athlete became disliked by his team. In his short NFL career he went 18-23 before being arrested. After his arrest he pushed for a comeback but no teams were interested.

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