15 Statistics – Each Smoking Fact Will Surprise You


Smoking is a habit which millions of people around the world shamefully admit addiction to. Nicotine causes a physical dependence, a trait which is surprisingly uncommon among drugs. The psychological dependence to a substance is alone hard enough to overcome, yet when you bring nicotine into the equation your body becomes physically addicted to it. The smoking industry holds many surprising facts and revelations discovered by science. Here is fifteen statistics, each smoking fact on the list with both surprise and shock you.

1. The Oldest Smoker in the World Started at 21 and Quit at 117

Smoking Fact

Image Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Jeanne Calment was a smoker for almost a full century but died five years after quitting. Jeanne first began smoking at 21 years old and quit at 117. Five years later at age 121 she died. Using her as an example may not be a good choice of motivation for smokers to quit.

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