These 15 Stars Were Rich Before Becoming Famous


Money brings access to certain privileges in life. Whether we would like to admit it or not, there are many advantages to growing up in the lap of luxury. Certain stars were rich before becoming famous. There are many naysayers who attribute the success of many celebrities to nothing more than getting a leg-up in life. No matter how you see it, it is always interesting to know where our favorite stars got their start in the industry. Having a bit of background information can go a long way towards understanding an actor, actress or artist that you feel you relate to. Here are 15 stars which were rich before becoming famous, with a bit of added background information to help you see where their riches came from.

1. Chevy Chase – Filthy Rich Before Becoming Famous

Rich Before Becoming Famous

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It is hard to believe that Chevy chase was actually rich before becoming famous. He is instantly recognizable from his many appearances over the years. His movies and televisions roles has earned him a fortune estimated at $50 million. Yet this was rich before becoming famous thanks to his business savvy, trend setting family heritage. The star’s family tree includes connections to opera singers, concert pianists, magazine editors, admirals and even an heir to “The Crane Company”. Chevy Chase most definitely had a leg up in life!

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