10 Great Part Time Jobs For Retirees


Retirement is a beautiful stage of life. Once we get there we can look back at our accomplishments and put a long and prosper career. But according to a research study conducted by The Institute of Economic Affairs in the UK, people are 40% more susceptible to depression after retirement.

Having a part-time job is an excellent way for retirees to keep their minds busy and, thus, prevent depression and other common mental consequences of retirement. In addition, working part-time after retirement is a great way of supplementing their incomes.


1) Teacher’s Aide

Being inside a classroom full of young minds will fill a retiree with life and energy. This type of work only requires you to commit a few hours per week, so you won’t get stressed and will still be able to enjoy your retirement. Teacher aides are in demand, especially in government schools. The responsibilities of a teacher’s aide include helping students with special needs and assisting the teacher to prepare class materials and grade homework.

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