Runners Health – A 12 Exercises Routine


As runner the repetitive motion that your body goes through puts you at risk of injury every time to train or compete. The exact same muscles are used over and over causing some to be overworked. An imbalance between weak and strong muscles occurs due to the scattered manner of exercise. The chance of developing shin splints tendinitis, runners knee or any other form of running ailment is also higher when you do not train correctly. Always try as hard as possible to carry out a balanced training routine in order to gain the best all-round performance and safety as a runner. Here are 10 awesome body weight routines to maximize your performance and health. Each carries out the specific motions needed to put your whole body in tip top shape.

Begin by exercising for just ten minutes. Once you are completely comfortable run three total circuits giving you a 30-minute high strength workout. Three runs of each circuit without rest makes up one set, take a short break in between each set. You should aim to complete this routine at least three times a week, although four times is preferable.


1. Bodyweight Squat – Repeat for 30 Seconds

Runners Exercise

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Be sure to pay attention to your form rather than going for depth. You will find that depth comes naturally as you begin to get better at the exercise. This is an especially useful exercise for runners. 


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