15 Photos That Prove We are In Serious Danger. It’s Time To Be Worried Now


Sometimes we’re blind from what is happening around us. Just because we can’t see the results of pollution and over-burning the Earth of her assets inside our own backyards, doesn’t signify it isn’t an incredibly serious problem. Closing our eyes to these problems isn’t likely to help the difficulties disappear completely. The entire world was previously an absolutely gorgeous area, but that beauty is gradually being pushed out by the trash of humanity. We are consuming over what this World can handle and pretty soon the Planet Earth will no longer have the ability to keep mankind. Here are 27 images that can start your eyes towards the considerable risk that our very existence is in.

dead elephant

1. This once beautiful elephant was killed for her ivory and her body was left to rot. Between poaching and loss in habitat the African Elephants have been in threat of extinction. In less than 100 years, the elephant population has gone from 4 million elephants to about 500,000 elephants left on the planet today, and more and more elephants are killed daily. Within the 1980s, around 100,000 elephants were being killed every year. Finally, a bar on international trade of ivory was launched in 1989 which helped some numbers to recuperate, especially where these creatures are adequately protected. But, unfortunately, making it illegal to get ivory has only increased the value as it is more scarce and people covet exceptional products. We need to stop the need for items made from ivory because where there is no desire there is no prize for taking it from elephants. We also need to improve African countries’ anti-poaching capability along with strengthening police and stem crime for these elephants to carry on surviving in the wild.

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