15 Essential Practical Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide


uses of hydrogen peroxide

The uses of hydrogen peroxide cross every aspect of the household. It is extremely handy to have on hand, helping for a range of sanitary tasks. Hydrogen peroxide is available in a range of different strengths, although the general concentration found is 3% This is adequate for all the uses of hydrogen peroxide on this list. Here are fifteen of the handiest, surprising uses of hydrogen peroxide known.

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1. Clean Wooden Cutting Boards

uses of hydrogen peroxide

Image Source: http://maccuttingboards.com

Improperly cleaned wooden cutting boards become a breeding ground for bacterial. Despite the natural anti-microbial nature of wood, deep cuts can still cause germs to amass. Wipe your chopping board down with hydrogen peroxide and leave it on for ten minutes. Wash it off and then follow up with a white vinegar wipe before cleaning it with soap and water.
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